Natural Home Remedies That Will Improve the Quality of Your Lawn

Did you know that you can treat your lawn, making it thicker, greener, healthier, and pest-free using items you can find in your home? Well, you can! Next time you feel your lawn could use some extra love, just open up your pantry. You would be surprised by how many things you already have that could improve your lawn. It is questionable as to whether these household items are comparable to real fertilizer, but it is worth it to try them out!

The following remedies will help  you lawn look greener and thicker:

  • SODA: Soda is loaded with carbohydrates. The sugars go down into the soil, and the microbes convert the soda into lawn food. Never use diet soda because it is filled with fake sugar, and sugar is what makes this whole process work for your lawn
  • BEER: Like soda, beer has a ton of carbohydrates. It works similarly to soda, providing food for your lawn with carbohydrates. Carbohydrates convert into lawn food very easily, making beer a substantial fertilizer. Do not use light beer because it has less carbohydrates than regular beer.
  • DISH SOAP: This is probably the most commonly used household item on lawns. It should always be diluted by water, and should never be used on a lawn if it is over eighty degrees because it can cause lawn burn. Dish soap acts as a wetting agent for your lawn. This means that it helps water to penetrate the soil and get to the roots much easier. Another important thing to mention is to never use antibacterial soap because it will get rid of all the good microbes in the soil, ultimately harming your lawn.
  • MOLASSES: Like with soda and beer, the sugars in molasses work with the microbes to create lawn food. Molasses has an extremely high concentration of sugar so it is highly effective for your lawn. It also contains iron which keeps your lawn healthy and gives your lawn a vibrant green color. This should also be diluted with water before it is applied to your lawn.
  • AMMONIA: like a lot of fertilizers, ammonia has high levels of nitrogen. Nitrogen is necessary for green plants to grow to their best ability. When it comes specifically to your lawn, the nitrogen in ammonia will make the grass greener and more plush. Nitrogen is also easily absorbed by plants. Like molasses and dish soap, ammonia should be diluted with water because at full strength it will ruin your lawn.

If pests are eating up your lawn, and ruining your plants, there is a natural remedy to get rid of them!

  • PEST REPELLANT: In the early spring, take two gallons of water and add two tablespoons of Murphy’s oil soap, three tablespoons of baking soda, two tablespoons of vinegar, and two table spoons of vegetable oil. Put this is a spray bottle, and spray your lawn and plants. The insects that are arriving from their long winter naps will stay away from your lawn and garden!

There is one more natural trick that you can use to keep your lawn green and plush, and the trick is eco-friendly!

  • GRASS CLIPPINGS: Instead of using bags to gather your grass clippings, make the eco-friendly choice and get rid of those bags! They can harm the environment, and you don’t need them. Instead, leave the grass clippings on your lawn. They provide extra amounts of nitrogen and moisture to your lawn, improving the color and the thickness. If you are not a fan of the way grass clippings look, there are lawn mowers out there called thatching mowers that chop the grass clippings up so they do not clump together.

All of these lawn tricks can be done easily with items you find in your home, or, like in the grass clippings example, they can be done by just simply skipping a step. You won’t have to go out shopping to fertilize your lawn if these home remedies work for you. Give them a try; your lawn will thank you!